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If I offered you the chance to save $1,000s and increase your product sales instantly by 9% today would you take it?

I did the research for you… for a decent looking product image it will cost you at least $27 up to $247 for just 1 ecover image Yikes!

Even then you waste time sending messages back and forth and still there’s a good chance you won’t be happy with the final product plus most of them don’t give you the source code to go back and edit or reuse them… it’s a pain in the butt


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ecover-creator software-

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That was really stupid – because I later found out product images increase sales by around 9% and it’s insanely easy extra money!

Obviously we all need ecovers even if we are just selling PLR or MRR products.

Here’s Exactly Why Product Images Increase Sales…

1. People naturally want to have a physical representation of a product in their mind before they buy… it’s undeniable human nature (people think in images)

2. It instanly adds more perceived value to your product allowing you to increase prices and conversions so you’ll make way more $$$!

3. It’s one less road block for your buyer because they don’t have to try and visualize how the product would look in their mind allowing them to say yes to your product a heck of a lot easier

End Your Frustration Now Create Premium ECovers With Point And Click Simplicity To Crush The Competition

Here’s What You’ll Get Today…


eCover Creator



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  • 35+ Professional Action Scripts (for Photoshop) to make creating eCovers as easy and profitable
  • Unmatched Product Quality! We hired a top graphic designers and programer to design these scripts using the most stable and smoothest design techniques… that means it will be easy and quick
  • A detailed step by step explanation so you know exactly what to do… since we know how frustrating it is buying software without support and a step by step manual
  • eCovers designed specifically to increase sales… these things are smooth and professional so everyone will be more likely to buy as you’ll see below
  • Unlimited Unrestricted License – create as many eCovers as you heart desires, add them to all of your sales pages and squeeze pages to increase sales and optins
  • eCover Reseller License – create just a few easy eCovers and sell them to easily pay for your entire purchase today… even make a profit

Here’s Examples Of The Ecover Images You Now Can Create Today

Cover Samples ecover creatorCover Sample E creatorCover Sample E creatorCover Sample E creator

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